Our church had its beginnings as a house church on and around Fort Devens, Massachusetts.  We officially became a church on September 15, 1990 with the name Sung Kwang (or Holy Light) Presbyterian Church.   Originally, we came under the Philadelphia Assembly of Korean Churches, and ministered primarily to ethnic Koreans in the United States.  As the church matured, it came under the General Assembly of Presbyterian Churches, Korea (GAPCK), and our mission evolved to the dual-ministry of evangelizing in both Korean and English languages.  In 2004, our name changed to Love First Presbyterian Church.  Our “mother" church is the Pyung Kang Che-Il Presbyterian Church in Seoul, South Korea.  It has a congregation of about 60,000 members.  In addition to having its own seminary school, it also has a Bible Museum with rare religious artifacts and several breathtaking religious retreat centers.      

      Since our inception, we have leased four different church buildings for services.  The first was a congregational church in Acton, the second a Dutch reformed church in Framingham, another host was the former Pleasant Street Congregational Church in Arlington. We currently reside at the First Baptist Church of Littleton - a very loving and wonderful host.  

      We have had only four pastors since our inception; our current pastor is Reverend Jong Sang Kwon. We now have two Elders: Jack Pugh and Jung Duk Ha. Their work and dedication, in addition to the countless works of our congregation, has allowed our church to grow in people and in spirit.